Citi Field Homeruns

Tracking homeruns:
Comparing new and old fence dimensions.

I have some analysis and more information coming over the course of the next few days, but here is the preliminary information for home runs in Citi Field this season (most are useless geeky stats, but perhaps interesting):

152 Total Home Runs.
85 by Opponents
67 by Mets.

107 Home runs went over the old walls.
3 Home runs went did not go over the original walls, but would have been home runs last season.
42 Home runs took advantage of the new park dimensions.

247 Runs scored via home runs.
141 by Opponents.
106 by Mets.

Regarding the home runs due to the new park dimensions:

Total 42
Opponents: 23
Mets: 19

Runs scored: 76
Opponents: 41
Mets: 35

David Wright hit the most home runs with 12. He also had the most RBIs with 20.

Ike Davis came in a close second place with 11 Home runs and 20 RBIs.

A total of 77 individual batters hit home runs in Citi Field.

Ike Davis gained the most home runs, and RBIs, from the new park dimensions with 4 home runs and 9 RBI.

A total of 30 individual batters hit home runs over the new fences.

Jon Niese allowed the most home runs, and runs scored, in Citi Field with 12 home runs and 18 runs. RA Dickey came in a close second with 11 home runs and 15 runs.

A total of 70 individual pitchers gave up home runs.

RA Dickey suffered the most from the new park dimensions, allowing 5 home runs and 7 runs.

A total of 30 pitchers suffered home runs from the new dimensions.

Of the 152 home runs, 82 were fastballs. That is a much higher percentage than I was expecting.

Not counting 0-2 counts, 83 of the 152 home runs came on the first two pitches of the at bat. Again, a much higher percentage than I expected.

There were fewer home runs with 2 outs than there were with 0 or 1 outs, but there were more runs scored as a result of 2 out home runs. (79 runs with 0 outs, 76 with 1 out, 92 with 2 outs).

More interesting (I think, anyway) information and data about home runs this season will be posted in the next few days. I will also post all of the data I have at some point, in case anyone wants it all.